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The Patron Saint of Liars


Melodia Calbren

She's a girl with many quirky ways
She can take you to another place
Where she'll explore you, and adore you
In her way...

She won't give you time to hesitate
What she looks for is to fascinate
To unveil you, and derail you,
Come what may, come what may...

She'll give you love in the Milky Way
Love in the Milky Way
She'll give you love in the Milky Way
Love in the Milky Way
What you want she'll give you...

The Corrs, "Love In The Milky Way"


(points upwards) I heard it in Nekton. I hear a lot of things in Nekton.

I'm one of those people you love to hate. Or just love to love. Essentially, I'm the heiress to a fairytale Duchy. Beyond that I'm a competent spirit summoner, a born diplomat, a talented musician and a renowned beauty, not to mention a complete freak. People think I'm sweeter than I am, or more wicked than I feel.

Vital stats wise, I'm fifteen-going-on-timeless, about five feet high, slim and well-proportioned with small, delicate features and skin as pale as death. My hair's as white as bone china and my eyes are so vivid red they're like drops of fresh blood. Either you think I'm disturbing, or you think I'm the most beautiful creature you ever beheld. Or sometimes both.

Don't try to fathom me - I'm deeper than you think. Deeper than you can think. Deeper than you could ever dive without drowning before you reached the surface again. It'd crush you, trying to think me through.

The only person's side I'm truly on is my own, but everything I do I do for love.

And I don't expect you to understand that either.


Find me on Gaia - Melodia Calbren. Profiles are currently being odd, so go hunting at your own risk. DARE'S NOTE: And don't read the bio unless you're already done with the game.

This is a RP journal for batenkaitosrpg, played by daredelvil.